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darren everett criss was born on february 5, 1987. he's half-filipino & half-irish & originally from san francisco, ca. he went to the university of michigan, graduating in 2009 with a bachelor of fine arts in performance, acting. he is best known for portraying blaine anderson on Glee. he first garnered attention playing the lead role of harry potter in starkid's musical productions of avpm and avps. in january 2012, he made his broadway debut, starring as j. pierrepont finch in the revival of how to succeed in business without really trying.

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margaux. 21 yo. french.
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Brian Holden - Improv Nerd

Brian Holden talking about Darren Criss on “Improv Nerd” | Source

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Darren Criss - Darren Criss Impersonating an Old Italian Woman

5 seconds of Darren impersonating an old Italian woman

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Darren Criss - Shout [Live at A Capitol Fourth]

Darren Criss - Shout [Live at “A Capitol Fourth”]

Darren Criss - Le Lab Interview (Virgin Radio)

Darren Criss talks about his album, the Listen Up tour, Glee & his current favorite music | Virgin Radio’s Le Lab Interview (Audio-Only Parts)

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YOU GUYS. If I may toot my own horn, the audio I got of last night’s concert is mighty fine. Yes, of course, there’s crowd noise. But the songs come through nice and clear, and there’s no blaring moments of speaker overload. Considering I was just using VoiceMemo on my iPhone, not professional equipment with a direct connection to the soundboard, I’m pretty darn proud of it.


Download individual tracks or a .zip of the whole shebang. Enjoy and reblog to your heart’s content, though I would appreciate a link/credit.

Please note: this is the entirety of Darren’s set, including all of the talking between songs. If you’re looking for the songs, only, you’ll have to look elsewhere or edit down the tracks yourself.

No album artwork yet, but I will keep my eye on the delightful glee-covers and will probably update the files when some art becomes available.

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Darren Criss & Michelle Chamuel - Not Alone [Live at the House of Blues Boston]

Darren Criss & Michelle Chamuel - Not Alone [Live at the House of Blues Boston]
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Darren Criss (Listen Up Philly) - Teenage Dream


Teenage Dream - Listen Up Philly

Watch; Download
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Darren Criss - Hall of Fame

Darren Criss - Hall of Fame - Hollywood Bowl - June 22, 2013

[download] [source]

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BBC Radio 1 - Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig on what it’s like kissing Darren Criss (x)

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Darren Criss - DarrenCrissJDF interviews Darren Criss


I want to kill myself ‘cause i was laughing at everything and anything. We were so stressed and happy at the same time…

Darren was adorable, we had a great time !

Facebook - Twitter - DarrenCrissJDF

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